Testimony of Touch, Completed for MFA Thesis work at the University of Kansas. > Details of The Testimony of Touch

The difficult testimony of true beauty, terror, growth, and death takes a tangible conversation in paint, body, and visual sound. I continually test the bounds of paint and dance in relationship to each other and apart. My most recent work abstracts forms and space into its truest encountered reality.

The motion and the connection of form to itself, the color, and atmospheric entrances evoke conversations of the pathway of absence and healing. Dance that established the composition meant that my body carried paint onto the canvas, leaving marks that could not be seen in its application. This practice celebrated trust. The authenticity of motion revealed nuances of rhythm of truth, previously unheard, that I will continue to seek out and respond to in works to come.

The place where life knows it's source, love it's name, and healing it's only comfort. I listen and we dance through paint.

Dance Painting Process